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Case Study

Driving compliance and customer experience wins

Leading bank aligns IT processes to business goals

Key results

Siloes hamper digital success

The US-based brand of a global bank relied on siloed and reactive processes to deliver IT to its organization. The CIO and other leaders at the bank knew that those siloes led to real-world consequences. IT was unable to keep pace with the rest of the business. And the CIO was determined to end backlogs of compliance-related fixes – and to start addressing vulnerabilities in real time.

A partner focused on outcomes

Among the potential partners the bank considered, Amdocs stood out. The Amdocs team came to meetings with IT delivery and human-centered design experts. Those experts asked tough questions and listened to the answers. The Amdocs team wanted to understand the problems the company faced – and to propose a solution that could deliver.

Bringing speed to vulnerability remediation

The Amdocs team worked with the bank to create a vulnerability remediation factory. Within the factory, people embraced accountability. They took ownership of issues they could fix – and sought help when needed. The multi-year backlog of issues shrank to nothing. After a few months, the factory began addressing vulnerabilities in real time.

Customer experience jumps forward

Other members of the Amdocs team tackled customer digital experience challenges. The team examined pressing issues, such as feature gaps and bugs in the bank's mobile app. Then, they collaborated to enhance the bank's mobile app. A mobile check cashing feature that had a high failure rate is now 50% more successful. The app also loads 90% faster. Plus, the bank increased the number of updates it releases annually by more than 500%.

Adopting new ways of working

The Amdocs team empowered the bank to build processes around DevSecOps and Agile methodologies. Aware that the bank had failed to embrace those ways of working in the past, the Amdocs team mapped a path to success – and never assumed the path would be smooth. They documented cross-departmental processes that presented obstacles to adopting better methodologies. And they presented solutions to bank leaders. Armed with a deeper understanding, leaders at the bank championed the hard work required to remove obstacles.

Agile development builds momentum

The bank built its DevSecOps processes on a firm foundation, with an emphasis on:


Develop and launch new products and capabilities faster


Ensure ongoing success with support for application change management


Foster a culture that continuously advances products and capabilities

Transformation as process – not destination

Today, the bank is using its faster time-to-market processes to release higher-value products. And Amdocs developers work side-by-side with the bank's people. This collaboration reinforces the leading practices learned – and keeps building momentum for digital transformation.