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Case Study

Adopting cloud at scale

Bank accelerates business by moving workloads to the cloud

Key results

Entering the cloud-based future

A top-five Canadian bank found that its on-premise infrastructure proved too slow to meet the needs of the digital-first world. Lack of support for innovation and digital transformation weighed as concerns, too. Leaders at the bank decided to make a large-scale move to the public cloud.

Experienced banking and public cloud experts

The bank reached out to several potential partners. Some had limited experience working with banks. Others helped banks experiment with the cloud by slowly moving a few workloads. The team from Amdocs Sourced made a different impression. Its team came to meetings with cloud experts who had led multiple migrations to the public cloud for banks and other financial service providers.

Sharing thought leadership and insight

The bank's leaders were particularly interested in Amdocs Sourced's perspective on cloud migration at scale. They shared that a sure path to the cloud relied on a foundation of repeatable processes and a secure platform. With a foundation established, the migration gained momentum, expanding from dozens to hundreds and thousands of workloads quickly.

Fast first steps to digital transformation

The Amdocs Sourced team tackled migrating Pega Platforms onto Microsoft Azure, this was in response to experiencing severe capacity constraints preventing them from bringing new products to market. We transformed their technology stack onto Azure cloud native architecture based on configurable, modular and scalable platform capabilities. An auto-scaling application helps ensure they could complete daily workloads by meeting SLA requirements of 99.95%. The work provided a foundation for moving a few workloads initially – and then hundred and thousands of workloads to the public cloud.

Weekly releases with fewer constraints

The move to the cloud has removed the capacity and speed constraints of the on-premise infrastructure. Products and features that took months to launch because of slow release cycles reach customers sooner, with the bank now able to release on a weekly basis. Customers access new features sooner and enjoy faster app performance.

    Starting with the right cloud foundation

    • Adopt a cloud-native approach that uses templates and repeatable processes to enforce security standards
    • Select the correct initial workloads to build momentum
    • Build a Cloud Center of Excellence to lead migration efforts and champion best practices
    • Start with a cloud foundation and platform designed to meet regulatory requirements

A cloud-centric mindset adds velocity

Beyond helping the bank move to the cloud, Amdocs Sourced instilled a cloud-centric and cloud-native mindset in the bank's team. Its internal teams learned to manage infrastructure as code. They now apply modern DevSecOps methods and tools, like AI and automation. New skills add velocity to their processes. Together with Amdocs, the bank's empowered team is well on its way to eliminating more than 250 on-premise servers.