Future-ready OSS - CSPs share their insights
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Future-ready OSS
CSPs share their insights

Survey* reveals why smarter digital-to-network automation (D2NA) is required to deliver new and improved customer experiences

Learn what service providers are doing today to ensure they reap the benefits of next-generation networks, maintain a competitive edge and meet the expectations of customers looking not just for connectivity and speed but for a digital, 'cloud-like' experience.

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D2NA is "a requirement of the era we are in"


Why invest in
next gen OSS today?

Telecommunications service providers clearly understand the need to evolve their OSS.

90%+are actively investing in automating operations in the next two years

Evolving OSS is "not an option but a necessity!"

Chief OSS Architect, CALA

What are the business drivers behind this investment in next generation OSS and the increased and smarter automation of service operations? 

Over two thirds say it's all about the ability to accelerate and grow revenues, more specifically:


customer experience is key, reducing service delivery inaccuracies and order fallout


focus on meeting evolving Enterprise experience expectations through automation


cite revenue
growth and
agile innovation

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needs to change

Today's processes and systems were designed for a prior generation of static, 'service-ready' networks. In the era of dynamic 5G and cloud-based networks, service providers identify a range of challenges with existing systems.

70%of North American CSPs cite non-standards-based BSS/OSS integration and its impact on agile innovation and monetization

Amdocs' vision and solutions for future-ready OSS are empowering service providers to automate operations for the era of 5G, hybrid and open cloud networks. Amdocs NEO Service and Network Automation platform is helping service providers evolve their OSS to accelerate innovation, enable superior customer experiences and drive efficient operations.

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New capabilities are required

To succeed in digital transformation service providers highlight three key factors:


End-to-end automation through tighter integration between the BSS and OSS


Simplification, standardization and automation of service activation and fulfilment


End-to-end visibility of hybrid network resources and service performance

Operations automation is "an exceptionally powerful feature"

Chief OSS Architect, NAM

Initial focus of future-ready OSS investments is on:


End-to-end service lifecycle automation and closed-loop operations


Unified, federated and real-time service and resource inventory across hybrid networks


5G network management, including network slicing and edge management capabilities

What are the most significant benefits?

In the opinion of service provider respondents, the key benefits of automating service management and operations from the front-end all the way to the network are:

Seamless end-to-end connectivity

Better customized solutions


Increased operational efficiency