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The CSP Opportunity


Amdocs Solutions

The Market

The CSP Opportunity


Amdocs Solutions

The Market

The CSP Opportunity


Amdocs Solutions

The Market

The CSP Opportunity


Amdocs Solutions

The Market

The CSP Opportunity


Amdocs Solutions

The Market

The CSP Opportunity


Amdocs Solutions





“CSPs should prepare for enterprise-focused digital marketplaces. These will become a key enabler of new revenue opportunities and will help CSPs to better compete with non-telecoms rivals.”

Analysys Mason March 2022
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Top drivers for operating a marketplace

  • Controlling the customer relationship
  • A sales channel for additional revenue
  • To monetize third-party products
  • To avoid being just a connectivity provider
  • Customer engagement demands
  • To take a cut of all sales
  • Preventing one company owning customers
Source: TM Forum, 2021
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– private mobile network market in 2025


– proportion which will by 5G


– potential telco revenue

Source: TBR

But fierce competition from PEN specialists hyperscalers, network equipment providers and IT solution companies.

CSP revenue opportunities centre on value-added services such as deployment, maintenance, integration and managed services.

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CSP drivers for investing in Multi-access Edge Computing

Source: TM Forum

Multiple CSP opportunities in Multi-access Edge Computing:

63% interested in delivering software-as-a- service

70% interested in offering platform-as-a-service

70% interested in MEC connectivity services

Source: Analysys Mason

Hyperscalers lead the market:

CSPs are partnering with key hyperscale providers in order to capture a share of the market, integrating edge computing with connectivity to provide integrated solutions and support specific requirements – e.g. low latency.

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Enterprises are demanding more flexibility in the way they buy and consume networks, in order to better match changing working patterns and support growth of cloud services

Enterprise Networking Priorities

  1. More flexible consumption models for infrastructure
  2. Better manage connectivity to cloud platforms
  3. Better support remote/work from home
  4. To accommodate changes to physical workspaces
  5. To simplify network and security policies for cloud services
Source: IDC, 2021

81% of CSPs said NaaS is a key strategic component of their enterprise and SMB offerings.

26% of enterprises believe agility, combined with the ability to focus IT staff on the business rather than network management, is the top benefit of NaaS.

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“Metaverse is shaping up to be the biggest new growth opportunity for several industries in the coming decade, given its potential to enable new business models, products, and services, and act as an engagement channel for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business purposes.” – Value Creation in The Metaverse, McKinsey & Co.

Top 5 Enterprise Metaverse Use Cases

  1. Marketing
  2. Learning and Development
  3. Meetings/Collaboration
  4. Events and Conferences
  5. Product Design/Digital Twins
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“For telcos to unlock the full spectrum of opportunities on their journey to the metaverse, they must build on their traditional communication service provider business and expand toward new capabilities and services. The way they create and capture value also needs to transform if they are to remain relevant and deliver in the metaverse.” – Journey to the Center of the Metaverse, EY.

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Increase value of enterprise solutions by bundling and monetizing partner products

Move beyond connectivity and generate new revenue with security, edge compute, cloud and private enterprise network solutions

Enable enterprise flexibility and monetize advanced network capabilities with tailored connectivity solutions

Use enterprise voice, data and mobility connectivity as a beached for additional B2B products

Target multiple verticals using a platform-focused approach, increasing and reducing cost and risk when moving into new segments


Enhanced commerce for service providers

Improve customer satisfaction and retention with a digital “one-stop-shop” for enterprise solutions

Bundle, sell and monetize partner products and services

Increase revenue from existing customers through guided cross-sell and upsell

Monetize advanced network capabilities through as-a-service and on-demand models


Provide private enterprise network enablement services and technology, including planning, rollout and operational support

Ecosystem enablement and participation, bringing together hardware, software and services partners

Integrate and orchestrate private and public networks, edge and cloud services to deliver flexible, end-to-end solutions

Spectrum leasing and management to support private enterprise network deployments where appropriate


Locate edge compute infrastructure within the CSP estate to support enterprise customers as well as enabling network cloudification

Partner with hyperscalers to offer integrated edge and connectivity solutions

Enable end-to-end service integration and orchestration across connectivity and edge compute infrastructure

Enable flexible monetization options including different consumption and “as a service” models


Monetize fixed and mobile network capabilities through customized B2B solutions

Sell additional services such as security (firewall, antivirus) and collaboration applications

Enable tighter network integration with third-party applications and services via network exposure APIs

Improve customer satisfaction, cross-sell and upsell by enabling more flexibility in service consumption and supporting self-serve purchase options


Metaverse-grade connectivity solutions enabled by next-gen networks – including low latency and high bandwidth slices

Supporting multiple monetization options – including B2B2X, commerce, subscription and billing capabilities

Metaverse infrastructure services – including edge computing, security, privacy and identity solutions

Delivering partner-enabled solutions for vertical markets

Cross-multiverse orchestration – coordinating identity, commerce and security across instances

Enabling the Metaverse – selling devices, connectivity and subscription bundles


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Automotive Manufacturing Agriculture

Smart Agriculture – Amdocs, T-Mobile, 5G Open Innovation Lab

The 5G Open Innovation Lab has deployed advanced infrastructure at a farm in Washington.

Includes private enterprise network, edge compute, cloud and vertical market applications.

Amdocs delivering end-to-end orchestration and automation.

Multiple applications being explored based on the same platform:

Drone-enabled crop imaging and intelligence

Enabling improved crop yields and reducing water consumption

Drone image capture (4K), 5G private enterprise network and MEC data analysis, to deliver actionable insights on the orchard –like irrigation, fertilization, pesticide, crop density and more

Safety and security video surveillance

Supporting access control and safety at a large site which includes areas with public access

AR-assisted remote maintenance

Ensuring maximum availability for expensive agricultural machinery

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Smart Manufacturing – China Telecom, Huawei and Midea

China Telecom is deploying smart manufacturing solutions for domestic goods manufacturer Midea Kitchen Appliances Manufacturing.

  • Midea spends almost $1 million per year on network reconfiguration to support manufacturing flexibility
  • Wi-Fi performance and lack of mobility support mean 5G is required to deliver high bandwidth and low latency

Multiple applications are being explored within the manufacturing vertical including:

Smart logistics/management

Coordinating movements of forklifts and automated vehicles

Campus security monitoring

Supports the deployment of video nodes on demand and supports cloud analytics

Automated production lines

Using 5G enables the wireless automation of production, cutting cost and improving flexibility

AR-assisted inspection and maintenance

AR has enabled inspection and maintenance tasks to be digitized, improving efficiency and accuracy

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Automotive – Vodafone Business

Vodafone Business offers a portfolio of safety and security products and services for the automotive, fleet and insurance sectors.

  • End-to-end solutions including hardware, applications and connectivity
  • Operating in 9 markets and is present internationally through 40 partners
  • Customers include Admiral Insurance and Volkswagen Group

Stolen vehicle recovery

International asset tracking and recovery supported by a secure operations center

Fleet management

Real-time operational data to maximize and optimize fleet use

Smart insurance

Telematics services to enable smart insurance services

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IoT Marketplace 5G Marketplace

Singtel Paragon

Singtel Paragon enables enterprises to create network slices on demand, deploy mission-critical 5G applications on Singtel’s MEC platform, and access an ecosystem of partner application from one place.

Includes 5G network, edge computing and services orchestration, to deliver a seamless fulfilment experience.

One-stop marketplace

Access to a robust ecosystem of plug-and-play applications and solutions which can be deployed in minutes

Commercial flexibility

Enables enterprises to flexibly purchase and consume services, as and when required

Self-service control

Manage connectivity, MEC and applications via a single portal which delivers a unified view

Ecosystem alignment

Brings together device & chipset manufacturers, platform & app providers, domain partners & SIs

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Verizon ThingSpace IOT Marketplace

Enables business of any size to buy, activate and manage customized IoT solutions.

  • Options include devices, software, services and connectivity
  • Integrated partner products, from hardware (M2M modules) to cloud connectors (Azure and AWS)

End-to-end IoT

Tools to prototype, test, connect and manage IoT devices connected to the Verizon IoT network.

Solutions enablement

ThingSpace Services gives access to APIs and tools to support connectivity management, location services, security services and software management.

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Agriculture Ports Venues

Tacoma Tideflats 5G PEN – 5G Open Innovation Lab, Amdocs

An in-depth study found the following benefits for the port:

Orchestration and efficiency: Using data and technology to create efficiency and transparency across the Tideflats, offering an end-to-end view of the supply chain.

Infrastructure modernization: Improving physical and virtual infrastructure including where equipment is moved and stored, traffic management, connectivity dead zones, siloed data, manual processes and cybersecurity.

Improving safety: Enabling new ways of operating to prioritize safety for workers and the wider community.

Enabling a sustainable future: Putting ecological and community health at the forefront of operations, technologies and processes.

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British Sugar

Virgin Media O2 Business

Food production company deployed private enterprise networks at four UK sites.

  • Creating “Factories of the Future”, supporting applications including IoT, robotics, automation and health & safety drones
  • Using AI to predict maintenance needs and potential downtime in advance, reducing disruption, cutting down wastage and delivering cost and energy savings
  • Covering indoor and outdoor facilities
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Comcast Business

US cable provider looking at private enterprise networks to capture a share of the 5G revenue opportunity.

  • Joins IoT and enterprise Wi-Fi solutions in a B2B wireless portfolio
  • Demonstrated at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, to improve critical operations and infrastructure while enhancing the fan experience
  • Potential applications include immersive video experiences throughout the venue and real-time information on waiting times for the car park
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Logistics Automotive Enterprise

Edge-enabled auto safety

Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom, Continental, MobiledgeX

Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom demonstrated a collision avoidence system, working with automotive technology firm Continental and MEC orchestration platform MobileedgeX.

  • Showcased an MEC-powered, low latency safety application
  • Worked across mobile network providers and vehicle types – cars, autonomous vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians
  • Enables data to be processed close to the user, delivering the performance necessary for applications such as collision avoidance
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T-Mobile USA, Lumen Technologies

T-Mobile partnered fixed-line service provider Lumen Technologies to target edge computing opportunities in the enterprise and government sectors.

  • Using T-Mobile’s 5G network to augment Lumen’s edge computing platform
  • Enterprises can build, manage and scale applications across highly distributed environments
  • Scalable and secure networks with edge computing located close to where data is collected, analyzed and acted on
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Ice Mobility – Logistics

Verizon Business, Microsoft

Logistics company Ice Mobility is using MEC to improve on-site quality assurance.

  • Using high-definition cameras to ensure the contents of shipments matches orders without additional manual processes
  • Gathering data on product packing errors in near real-time improves quality assurance and save 15%-30% in processing time
  • Uses Verizon 5G Edge integrated with Microsoft Azure
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Enterprise Broadcast

Network slicing for broadcast media

Deutsche Telekom, RTL Deutschland

Deutsche Telekom is working with broadcaster RTL Deutschland to pilot network slicing in a mobile broadcast environment.

  • Provides an alternative to satellite broadcast trucks or multi-SIM solutions which do not have QoS guarantees
  • Easy to set-up and deploy wherever needed without technical support
  • Can also be used for other live events and content
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On demand network services

Globe Telecom, Philippines

Globe is using technology from Amdocs to offer its enterprise customers multiple virtualized network services and features to provide high security, real-time network visibility and control.

  • Services offered include Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), security, bandwidth on-demand and other value-added applications
  • Enables business customers to connect to cloud resources, enhance and automate branch connectivity, manage and control incoming and outgoing network traffic and enable routing, firewall security, and VPNs
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AT&T Flexware

AT&T is offering a solution called AT&T Flexware, which enables business customers to chose from a library of virtual network functions.

  • Uses universal equipment on the customer premise to replace single purpose hardware, enabling customers to deploy network functions as needed
  • Available in more than 200 territories, supported by an orchestration platform to enable faster deployment and flexible management options
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Enterprise Industrial Manufacturing

Hyundai and Singtel advanced manufacturing

Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre in Singapore is creating a “metaverse for the manufacturing industry”.

  • Meta-Factory will be a digital twin of a physical factory in the metaverse, enabling optimized operations
  • Meta-Factory will also enable remote site maintenance
  • Planning to extend Metaverse engagement to customers
  • Singtel is providing connectivity, Edge and services orchestration to manage and analyze manufacturing processes, enabling real-time monitoring and feedback
  • Hyundai is also working with platform provider Unity for Meta-Factory
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Verizon and Meta strategic partnership

Verizon formed a “first of its kind” partnership with Meta to understand the foundational requirements for Metaverse applications.

  • Focus areas include the future of hybrid work/collaboration as well as consumer applications
  • Exploring how mobile edge computing infrastructure can deliver intensive XR cloud rendering and low latency streaming, which are core to the metaverse
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NTT Docomo industrial metaverse

Japan’s NTT Docomo is looking to enable industrial metaverse development by offering design and other tools.

  • It envisions a virtual space where remote engineers can jointly develop and test prototypes
  • It will work with partners and startups, and intends to establish a company with 150 staff to drive the project
  • Forms part of a plan to generate 50% of revenue from new business lines, including metaverse


Open and modular solutions to address the full B2B lifecycle

Streamlined partner management, from onboarding and commerce through to fulfilment, to support the delivery of tailored vertical-market solutions

Digitally-driven customer experience, enabling flexibility for enterprise buyers and driving cross-sell and upsell

Advanced monetization capabilities to support multiple business models, including contract, consumption-based and pay-as-you-go options

Unified OSS and service orchestration to monetize advanced network capabilities and support service customization for different market requirements


Enhanced commerce for service providers

Catalog, digital commerce and order management capabilities to enable seamless digital commerce for B2B products and services

Streamlined partner management from onboarding and commerce through to fulfilment

Flexible monetization capabilities to enable commercial flexibility, including different markups, discounts and rating constructs and charging models

Automated fulfilment and orchestration for native and partner products to improve agility and customer satisfaction


Dedicated and secure enterprise connectivity

Private enterprise network enablement, including design and operational solutions for complex deployments

Orchestration and management tools for integration with public networking and cloud compute services

Network function exposure to support close integration with enterprise and third-party applications

Enterprise device and service management and policy control


Bringing the cloud close to the enterprise

Planning, installation, integration and operation capabilities for network and edge compute infrastructure

Catalog and commerce for defining, selling and fulfilling edge services including cloud, ISV and connectivity solutions

Dynamic function orchestration across multiple sites and clouds, based on factors such as application requirements, location, capacity and other service specific factors

Flexible and dynamic charging and billing for connectivity and beyond connectivity products, supporting multiple monetization models


Tailored network capabilities for enterprise customers

Catalog, digital experience and commerce capabilities for defining and selling network-as-a-service solutions

Cross domain, multi-vendor, hybrid service and network orchestration to enable automated fulfilment and operations

Intelligent optimization of network resources and users/application behavior to assure and manage services performance & experience

Network function exposure to support close integration with enterprise and third-party applications


Reimaging B2B for the virtual world

Catalog, digital commerce and order management for defining, selling and fulfilling Metaverse offers

Flexible and dynamic charging and billing to support multiple monetization models

End-to-end service orchestration for Metaverse-grade connectivity, including network slicing and edge computing integration

Cross-multiverse enablement, including identity, monetization and connectivity solutions

Bundled vertical market offers, bringing together infrastructure, platform and applications


Deliver end-to-end solutions for target markets

Package specialist applications and hardware with horizontal services powered by 5G networks